Welcome to the MA Innovation Management 2015 Degree Show

The MAIM class of 2015 unveils a provocative vision of the future faces of innovation management. Here we present to you 5 Innovation Manager roles designed to provoke, immerse, and inspire you.
As the veil is removed, we uncover what really lies beneath the Innovation Manager.
Challenge who they are, what they do, and how they live. Be inspired by the skills and abilities needed to push boundaries, instigate change, and convert paradoxes into opportunities for innovation.

Unveil: what type of Innovation Manager are you?

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The 5 Faces

With their abilities to energise, delight, morph, disrupt, and revive traditional norms, these 5 Innovation Managers are positioned at the bleeding edge of innovation.

The Practivist
I energise you

I am an engaged member of the civil society, and I ally my activism with my professional practice. This dual activity and its tensions generate a strong and mutual dynamic, affecting my practices and you.
The Nouveau Flâneur

The Nouveau Flâneur
I bring you marvels

Driven by my curiosity and flair for abductive logic, I wander the streets and explore your backyard. I embrace chance - I celebrate it, share it generously, and live for the thrill of a brisk
instance of magic.
The Anti-solutioner

The Anti-solutioner
I disrupt you

I disrupt your problem-solving mindset based culture. I question your entire logic and system where these problems emerged, as I experience the world from a holistic angle.
The Morphogenesis

The Morphogenist
I morph for you

I morph from one role to another according to the environments and challenges I am faced with. I also connect different worlds, building cross-disciplinary networks and mediating them. My fluid identity positions me at the boundaries and collision
points of innovation.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix
I revive you

I combust the status quo so that new ideas can arise from its remains. Through prototyping and iteration, I confront challenges by destroying established systems and re-creating new ones.

Unveiling: Faces of Innovation Management

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The MAIM Class of 2015

Explore who we are, what we do, and how we live.

Unveiling: Faces of Innovation Management

Register for the conference 24 - 28 June 2015

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Are you ready to be provoked and inspired? Meet our key speakers who will be sharing their perspectives on the future roles of innovation managers. Join us at our conference on 25 June 2015.
Paul Papadimitriou

“I'm no futurist, no one is. I merely learn from history and connect the dots to paint a map of the present, explaining how disruption affects your business, lifestyle and everyone around you”. Paul Papadimitriou

Paul Papadimitrou
An Innovation Guru
founder of Intellegencr, Layovers and The Digital Loop

Paul Papadimitriou has been delivering inspirational talks for numerous innovation strategy conferences and for notable companies such as Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, Unify and the European Union.

With his work published in The Economist and BBC, he has been making his mark in the world of technology and disruptive innovation. He has also co-hosted LeWeb in Paris, interviewed inspiring figures for TEDx Athens, and regularly appears at start up conferences around the world.

"Innovation isn’t linear. It is flexible. It’s all about asking the question 'what’s needed here?'"

Matt Bolton-Alarcón

An inspirational speaker of all things innovation

Partner of Upping Your Elvis and innovation director of ?What If! in New York, Matt is known for his contagious energy that inspires those around him. Through his career he has designed and delivered large-scale capability programs for brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Boots and Google.

An inspirational speaker of business, creative leadership and innovation, Matt’s unique passion provides the innovation community with invaluable advice and motivation to push boundaries and be the best they can be.

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