More about me



Where have I been?

I started my education here in the UK in 2005. Graduated summer 2012 from University of Warwick, majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Had work experiences in fashion e-commerce; worked on an innovative online project which aimed to provide people in China with services concerning psychological health and well beings; worked as designer assistant and PR assistant during London Fashion Week.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I was very much inspired by the work experiences I had, and as I see the world today, the dimension, strength and speed of changes and innovations in global society have surpassed any time in the past, and the impact has extended to our daily lives. Therefore, Innovation Management is what I ought to pursue in an era of tremendous changes.

Where am I going?

My passion has always laid in the creative industry. Through taking this course, I wish to prepare myself and succeed in making a career in the industry. Currently I am thinking of working as a Fashion PR or Fashion Brand Manager in the future.