More about me


Shenzhen, China

Where have I been?

I had 4 years working experience of creative industry in Shenzhen, China, one of UNESCO “City of Design” recognized in 2009. I worked for professional cuisine magazine, lifestyle product brand and public creative events, such as Shenzhen Fringe Festival. Benefit from my various working experience with creatives and artists from different disciplines, I have an overall understanding and skills for creative working.


Why MA Innovation Management?

I’m trying to explore some possibilities to promote the importance and essential of creation and innovation, and  to build up a mutually beneficial cooperation between creative industry and society in China, where is facing a dramatic challenge of industrial and social transformation.Personally, I look forward to gather more insights from UK’s creative industry, and complement my knowledge and ability of management by collaborative study with people from different background.


Where am I going?

I would like to continued my career in social creative working, especially public creative events, to spread new concepts and ideas to the public in a friendly form, to help creatives to contribute their talent and value into business and push forward the social innovation in China.


My Contributions