More about me




Where have I been?

I’ve been working on connecting art, culture, social trends, and marketing all together as messaging for brands/organizations to influence the public for over eight years; branding, PR, and Marketing communications in Electrolux, Era Ogilvy Public Relations and a Taiwan-based children theatre prior to CSM. It is always my greatest interest to collaborate with teams and to create events/experiences to influence the public. I’m also a modern dance, theatre and art lover. They’ve always inspired me a lot for work and life.

Why MA Innovation Management?


“Great work works” is what I learned from Ogilvy but I think the crucial point is “How you find the great work works”, and how you work with the team, convince and influence clients/consumers/audience. I believe in a way it’s a progress of innovation, or a discovery of the opportunities. Joining MAIM, I hope to further reinforce my strategic approach and innovative thinking to explore the potentials in my career, cooperate/cultural branding, event, communications fields.

Where am I going?

Be an international event producer as well as a brand communicator. Seek the innovations, work out ideas with collaborations, and enjoy the life!

My Contributions