More about me

Who am I?

My professional background is in marketing and interactive communications in advertising. During my free time I explore collages as a tool for thinking and an inspiration for transferring ideas to art practices.

What did I do?

My thesis investigates the gap where the state and private market find themselves ill-equipped to adequately address social challenges. In this gap, I identified a need for a set of frameworks that will empower civil society.

I explored the opportunity to implement principles from the lean startup methodology along with design thinking approaches to social entrepreneurship. Lean design thinking in social entrepreneurship represents a combination not only of lean startup and design thinking, but also of a social model.

My skills and abilities

I’m a Practivist, a proactive member of society who knows how to change the world to a better place. I provide frameworks that help you start a successful social enterprise. My unique set of skills allow me to:
– Build social models – a key element that differentiates social enterprises from commercial businesses.
– Implement lean startup principles to foster the understanding of beneficiary’s insights to maximise positive change.
– Utilise design thinking to encourage working in interdisciplinary teams.