More about me



Where have I been?

Started studying Psychology at UCF in Orlando, Florida but my passion for the arts and design took over when i went to study Art History & French Literature a summer abroad at La Sorbonne in Paris. I ended up changing my major and studying Design & Management at Parsons School of Design (the Paris branch.) I have been studying many sectors of the arts and the business behind it around Europe and the US every chance I get. I have worked as a freelance branding designer and consultant, I have been involved in the creation processes of fashion season campaigns, I am familiar with working on short film and music video sets and photo shoots, and have interned at Art Partner, a top production agency in Paris, France.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I felt Innovation Management was a natural step after Design & Management given it gives me a stronger commercial and business oriented practice. I am amazed at all the creative processes involved in Innovation Management and how it can be implemented into any field, especially if you are looking for progress and evolution of a brand, product, or pathway.

Where am I going?

I’d like to merge my academics and talents into creating a new brand/branding agency one day. I would like to keep travelling and learning from all cultures, and in general, go as far as I can possibly go.

My Contributions