More about me




Where have I been?

I have a good understanding in business and management thanks to a BSc in Economics and Business Administration. Throughout my course, mandatory trainings in bank, insurance and tour operator sectors allowed me to develop enough skills to work as a general supervisor for a company that provides tourist services. I particularly enjoyed the proactivity of the role, and the extensive personal interaction with people thrived from my customers’ satisfaction.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Although I find specialisation of economics subjects important, I believe that using a creative approach to solving problems and managing is equally essential. I aspired to become a well rounded individual, with a vast array of experiences, rather than becoming a “specialist” in one area.

Where am I going?

My MA allowed me to develop unique cultural and social ways of thinking. By wanting to keep my mind alive and thinking outside the box, I undertake every task with commitment and diligence in a creative and cultural environment. As a typhoon, I want to cross the static boundaries that exist.