More about me

Who am I?

As a trained teacher, international journalist and fashion theorist, I’ve always dreamt of dedicating my whole life to ballet. However, the ‘little swan’ has grown up into a digital media director, managing one of the leading women’s networks in Russia. This includes ELLE, Marie Claire and Psychologies, and reaches out to an audience of more than 6 million around the globe.

What did I do?

Two years ago I left my past experience behind to shake up media business principles by focusing on the keystone: education. Playing the Nouveau Flaneur card, I treat learning as an endless professional journey, rather than one that is confined within an institutional setting. My research aims to capture the full range of possibilities of education in professional environments, and reflects upon opportunities for engagement.

My skills and abilities

Throughout my academic journey I’ve been challenging current theories in my research fields, confronted by both media and education. Until I reach my final destination, I aim to embark on this journey by advancing current educational practices in order to meet business demands. This will enable long-term value by fostering innovation in both sectors.

What I'm Talking About

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