More about me

Who am I?

I come from the beautiful island of Taiwan, and was born into an agribusiness family. Farmers, agribusiness owners and vendors have always been a big part of my life. With my background in digital media design, I’ve always wanted to devote my abilities to improve and promote their businesses.

What did I do?

My research aimed to develop a storytelling strategy in branding and marketing that would help small agribusinesses to up-scale and generate more revenue.

I looked into six cultural elements: sincerity, tradition, transparency, national ideology, cultural contradiction and populist worlds. These elements play a crucial role in the success of an agribusiness; by guiding and constructing its business narrative. Through these six elements, small agribusinesses have the ability to extract story ideas from a local perspective, allowing them to become more successful and unique.

My skills and abilities

As a modern-day Flâneur, I keep an open attitude and allow my curiosity and intuition to guide me. By embracing uncertainty and serendipity throughout my journey, I bring fruitful ideas and new opportunities to small agribusinesses. This improves and enhances their innovation capabilities.