More about me



Where have I been?

Creative and award-winning Product Designer, I have extensive experience in design-related roles both in Italy and UK with clients such as Nokia, Dupont and EDF. Strong organizational skills and a proactive attitude towards new challenges have been developed through previous Project Management positions in UK. Also a passion for food led me to a collaboration as a food designer with Zerogastronomy ( on the proposal of new food experiences for the next generation space explorers.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Having experienced both extremely creative and extremely structured work environments I wanted to find the best way to bridge their successful models in order to leverage companies’ assets. Also I wanted to explore the capabilities of innovation to solve complex modern problems while observing reality from different prospectives.

Where am I going?

The experience acquired in innovation and my passion for food will tide up, allowing me to help food companies define their future growth while dealing with complex and uncertain scenarios. Otherwise you will find me in a Greek restaurant by the sea.

My Contributions