More about me


Who am I?

With a background in industrial design and design research, I’m fascinated about facilitating innovation processes with the right combination of people, skill-sets, and methodologies.

What did I do?

My research investigated how companies can systematically integrate the power of users in their new product development.

In the conventional business landscape, companies are producers of products and users are receivers. This notion is being broken by the democratisation of information needed to innovate. Therefore, companies need a new framework to exploit the creative power of users to increase their innovation capacity and provide truly user-centric products.

Establishing and implementing a user-integration framework requires a transformational journey for companies. The role of the innovation manager is to understand the entire system and craft strategies that balance multiple elements. They identify what is most suitable for the company based on its technologies, business model, resources, and organisational culture and structure.

My skills and ability

I develop holistic frameworks targeting the entire process rather than solving single problems. I look into the environment where the framework functions, to ensure its feasibility. I make sense of information from different sources, using my cross-disciplinary knowledge to facilitate the successful implementation of frameworks.