More about me




Where have I been?

In the last ten years I have been working for the Ceramics manufacturer Faria & Bento as their sole Designer, I have had the privilege of developing my own projects in multi-disciplinary teams and have, thus, grown aware of the value that such teams can bring into a project. During that period I had the chance to work with many companies such as Habitat, Alessi, Blisshome (Nigela Lawson, Hairy Bikers, Orla Kiely), Wedgwood, Debenhams and Studios such as Levien and Conran.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I truly believe that an MA in Innovation Management will indeed be an innovative stepping stone for both my personal and professional development, providing the right environment and new tools for the daily work of proving wrong those who claim that ‘there’s nothing else to create or innovate’.

Where am I going?

Alongside the pleasure of projecting, there was always in it, for me, a great interest in what lies behind every design project, and the means and interactions that bring Innovation into existence, beyond the corporate jargon. After I  complete my MA, I would like to be an agent who fosters innovation practice inside organizations by the creation of innovative products or solutions which can understand and fulfill the consumer’s needs.

My Contributions