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United Kingdom

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Rakhi has worked with companies across the globe to discover and create transformative products and experiences. With her unique interdisciplinary background, she transcends the traditional strategist role to bring her diverse skills into play through idea generation, design and implementation.


Rakhi’s insights into human behaviour come not just from research and analysis, but from a naturally deep curiosity about why people do what they do and, more importantly, what will engage them. She specializes in human interaction and in exploring how people interact with place, helping clients transform their spaces to radically increase engagement. She also has significant experience developing market entry strategies for companies diversifying into new markets and has worked with Fortune 500 firms in the USA, UK, Europe, Russia, Brazil, China, South Korea, India and the Middle East. Her market segment expertise is broad and includes the arts, luxury goods, interactive technology, health care, retail and hospitality.


Rakhi curates events, as well as writes and speaks on the topics of human behaviour, consumer experience, brand engagement and spatial design. She is a Chartered Psychologist, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a full member of the Market Research Society.

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Human engagement & Innovating new types of experience.