More about me



Where have I been?

I graduated from Sorbonne University in Paris in 2014 after a BA and a two-year MARes researching the history of fashion innovation. As I was studying, I worked as a fashion assistant for three years in Paris and London after an internship at Vogue Paris that persuaded me to pursue into the fashion industry. I also engaged with public relation and marketing experiences, working within a PR agency as well as in e-commerce for an online luxury fashion retailer.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I was looking to progress in the field of innovation academically as well as professionally. During my previous work experiences I realized that, both strong creative and business skills are key to lead innovative and successful projects within the creative industries. Therefore, my interest in innovation management and the course came with my determination to improve creative as well as management skills while engaging with new methodologies

Where am I going?

I would like to use the skills developed during this course to open to further work opportunities within innovative industries and get involve with brand or consultancies in innovation research and strategy as well as in business development.