More about me




Where have I been?

I was a digital strategist, I had to design communication strategies for digital services and products. My professional background is deeply routed in marketing and business. Having said that, my professional ambitions paralleled my passions in performing arts, especially modern contemporary dancing since my early formative years. So l have been exploring a spectrum of Business and Arts.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I really wanted to explore the space between business and arts. But I wasn’t sure of what exactly one meant by innovation. I don’t think you can begin this course knowing exactly what you want from it. I think that is the beauty of this course. It gives you that opportunity to truly explore yourself and your capabilities without pre-deciding who you are or who you want to be. It gives you that benefit of uncertainty. I think that is the biggest advantage. And oh my, did I learn to embrace that uncertainty!

Where am I going?

I am passionate about channeling creativity into innovation and designing methods for realising the creative process. I am keen on working with innovation platforms that act as ‘enablers’ of creativity and knowledge creation.