More about me



United Kingdom & Chile

Where have I been?

I’ve spent my whole career working with high growth technology  companies and start-ups. Geographically in Silicon Valley, Europe, and UK.  Functionally went from Finance to International Business Development, General Management and Independent Consulting.  Industries have included semiconductors, clinical devices, dotcoms, incubators, early-stage investment and entrepreneurship education.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I became increasingly interested in what non-MBA approaches to business could contribute to building entrepreneurial strategies which allow for iteration, pivoting and creativity as “no plan survives contact with the enemy” and analysis is only one tool in the box…

Where am I going?

Whether as individuals, teams, or larger organisations–commercial or social–we all need to become more entrepreneurial and innovative to address today’s challenges and opportunities.  My interest is in developing a toolbox for Venture Design that improves everyone’s capabilities to make a difference by integrating business, technology and design in more flexible and collaborative organisational structures.