More about me



Where have I been?

I am Paula, an industrial designer most of the time. I have worked on projects ranging from marketing to strategic design, toys and interaction, photography, interior design, exhibitions, packaging and furniture. Such experiences allowed me to discover my potential to face and manage challenges through which I used and I improved my leadership skills, communication and interpersonal relationships. I discovered in each of them my eagerness to contribute and to give more than I am asked to.

I have worked in projects of social innovation that deal with the potentialities of collaborative, creative and sustainable lifestyles, my work consisted on catalyzing the action of different social actors in a sustainable direction.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Two apparently `contradictory´ words, but that actually synthesize an amazing world of opportunities; to be able to manage resources in a creative way to achieve innovative results.  The greatest challenges aren’t in coming up with big ideas but in the organizational and management issues that these new ideas present. I´ve always believed that design has the power to change the world, and the only way of doing it is bringing new ways of doing and thinking into our daily life. Creativity is the answer for many problems that threatens our society, as designers we can identify, propose and spread good ideas worldwide to make the difference.

Where am I going?

I would like to imagine possible worlds, generate and diffusing new and more sustainable ways of living in the urban environments of the emerging countries. I would like to improve design research so we can propose places for a new everyday life, the activities that take place within them and the new production and consumption networks that emerge from them. I admire human dignity implicit in the strong desire to improve their quality of life and I think all my efforts will support the development of this human quality. It hopes to present a scenario where we can share possible world visions, feasible proposals and the design tools that could bring them into being.

My Contributions