More about me




Where have I been?

With a degree in Physics and another one in Fashion Design, I’ve worked in different industries such as Banking, IT, Fashion and Education. Before starting this course, I was part of the Innovation in Technology and UX team based in the largest private bank in Brazil. Our goal there was to envision new digital services and to design better digital experiences to the bank digital channels.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I wanted to develop my career by acquiring more knowledge and confidence about innovation and its processes. Besides growing professionally I also wanted to become a more complete person whose actions are positive and contribute to society.

Where am I going?

In the intersection of human and computers, I am very keen on exploring people’s habits, getting insights, redefining meanings, shaping strategies and prototyping. I intend to continue my journey by uncovering future opportunities, humanising technology and aligning people’s needs with business objectives.

My Contributions