More about me

Who am I?

I have been working in the digital marketing field as a project manager. The industry has been experiencing progressive results from local and international corporations, as it is a new way of reaching target audiences.

What did I do?

Due to the significant impact of globalisation, there is a knowledge gap between the globally expanding and growing complications in textile supply chains and its stakeholders.

In order to collect and manage the information flow of authentic and specific footprint information from individual production stages, a new eco-labeling system and an open innovation platform should be established. This open innovation platform for sustainable textile integrates textile suppliers and allows greater transparency and traceability in the textile supply chain. This creates a network effect and shifts the existing problematic textile supply chain into an ecosystem.

My skills and abilities

As a Nouveau Flâneur, I am a modern day explorer of undiscovered markets. I strategically bridge the identified knowledge gap between market and firms. By doing so, I enable firms to tackle untapped markets and facilitate their understanding of true market demands. By embracing serendipity, my observations and discoveries bring new opportunities to the sustainable textiles industry.