More about me



Where have I been?

I have almost 10 years experiences of both creative extra-curricular activities and professional experience, more than half working as initiatives, or in executive level. These experiences range from media and communication, political activism, philosophy, etc. to culinary art.

Why MA Innovation Management?

During my working life, I have unintentionally gone beyond a certain step. Most of the time I was the initiative or in the executive level, and as a result, those positions have involuntary made me too opinionated. This program was well designed as collaborative learning experience. It helps students develop the skill that is crucial to the innovation management world today — including me.

Where am I going?

Inspite of having a wide/wild range of interests, I currently have a strong passion for food. I took it as my first step to other future plans. That is why my research was conducted in food industry, but with an expectation to use the findings for everything else as well.

My Contributions