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Who am I?

With a Master’s Degree in Physics and an MBA from INSEAD I thrive on challenges that require experimentation, creativity and strategic thinking. Pushing the borders of the imaginable and exploring the unknown is my approach to finding new ways for value creation.

What did I do?

My research explores the possibilities Big Data offers for strategic innovation.

I was intrigued by the apparent lack of results of current Big Data initiatives. Despite the enthusiasm about its potential, significant investments in Big Data analytics, and management commitment to exploring its possibilities, companies often fail to achieve anything beyond modest incremental improvements.

The reason for this failure is that Big Data is not being asked the right questions, because people approach it with an engineering mindset. Approaching Big Data from an innovation manager perspective can lead to a step change.

My skills and abilities

As a Phoenix, I am particularly good at solving complex and poorly defined problems, where traditional approaches fail.

With ten years of experience in banking, I have advised companies on executing their expansion and diversification strategies. Through this, my acquired skills have enabled me to lead teams through various processes – from ideation, to experimentation and prototyping, to designing and finally implementing innovative solutions.

What I'm Talking About

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