More about me

Who am I?

My name is Olutomi or Tomi, but you can call me Sparkles. I enjoy traveling (if the time permits), dancing, and me! Before starting this course, I was the Assistant Store Manger of a HUGO BOSS retail store in New York. I’ve established and executed various projects that assisted in the growth of the store’s business.

What did I do?

My research explores how businesses can ensure brand longevity through internal marketing from the bottom up rather than top down, through consumer driven brand innovation.

A sales personnel’s actions and results are significant driving forces behind these new profound innovations. They require a reputable stance where their communication skills exceed the norm, hopefully contributing to the permanency of the brand. As with the role of the Phoenix, testing and implementing ‘internal marketing’ affords risk and failure while leading to positive outcomes.

My skills and abilities

I am the Phoenix. I live to explore. I live to iterate. I bring all things expiring back to life. I evolve. I understand that being uncertain while taking risks could possibly lead to disaster, but failure is deemed imminent for a brighter trajectory.