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Tokyo, Japan

Where have I been?

Marketing / Sales Promotion / Customer Service / Staff Training

My main work area is service industry, especially focus on retail and hospitality industry.

Why MA Innovation Management?

When I organised a ‘Chocolate Room’ project at a hotel as a leader, although I felt that difficulties to lead many different professions which are needed to run a hotel such as a Guest Relation Team and a Restaurant Management Team because they usually have a strong professionalism in each area and therefore they tend to have a different opinions and views, I enjoyed a lot to manage that kind of situation. In addition to this, I realisedwhat is lacked in my skills throughout this experience.

I would like to be able to express my intuition and certain feelings like the six sense in service industry which must stem from experience as a flontline worker in B to C business with certain knowledge and polished skills.

The more work experience I gained, the more limited I felt in terms of my creativity as I became to think of avoiding risk- taking as much as possible before brushing up my ideas or exploring a strategy to lead a project success. As I felt this circumstance would affect my career in bad ways, I gradually begun to consider acquiring more in-depth knowledge and skills on the international level in order to further my career.

Where am I going?

My interest: Branding / How visual images have an impact on consumer behavior and feelings

My aim: To introduce Japanese culture especially food and traditional sweets properly to foreign countries.

To gain knowledge and experience how to work efficiently to respect both creativity and productivity in retail and hospitality industry which tend to be described and understood as an intangible job area in terms of innovation.

To help Japanese company that wants to start their business in Europe from visual merchandising and customer service perspective.

My Contributions