More about me


Who am I?

A nomad from Peru, with a network of adoptive families around the globe. My journey has taught me about change, challenges, failure and success.

What did I do?

I wanted to explore innovation in social business models, and ended up discovering social innovation in an organisation, and the role of their managers.

Social businesses are committed to solve enormous social challenges. I created a framework for managers by designing five multidisciplinary roles: The Leader, The Bountiful, The Worthy, The Dialogist and The Critic. These roles are tools for managers to better learn about themselves and how they impact the lives of those who work with them.

My research journey taught me more about people and the power of empathy, about the hardships of making decisions when one is lost, and having a constructive attitude towards unpredictable outcomes that the future beholds.

My skills and abilities

I like to take action, I like to follow my dreams, and if I can align this with my career path, I become a Practivist. In order to thrive, one must build trusting and respectful relationships that comprehend the people around them, letting people thrive as individuals, and multiplying the strength of the Practivist.

My Contributions