More about me



Where have I been?

My introduction to higher education was a bachelor in philosophy at the University of Greenwich back in 2011. Although eighteen-year-old me chose philosophy due to lack of any future perspective, the foundations the course provided me has been invaluable in everything I have done since. My work experience has been mainly in communication and marketing, most significantly a three-year stint at advertising agency Jung von Matt in Berlin, working in a role of strategy and project management.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I left my job in advertising disillusioned with the state of the industry and feeling like I wanted ‘more’. Just like philosophy gave me a good base to explore my opportunities at the beginning of my career, I feel MAIM is providing me with the tools and experience to diversify myself and push into new areas.

Where am I going?

I hope for this course to act as a catalyst to help me forge future plans.

My Contributions