More about me


Who am I?

I am an Australian Industrial Designer who loves to collaborate with others. I build modular systems, which allow for modification and re-shuffling. Creating unique solutions for ever-growing complexity ignites my passion. Relationships are what I value most.

What did I do?

I investigated people’s motivation to work collaboratively. Creativity relies on positive and constructive input as a source of inspiration. We have intentions to communicate with others, but the context is what builds the meaning. I sought to understand the communication of emotional, physical, psychological and sociological triggers. The leverage points instigate excitement and innovation that lead to community. Finding the connection is key. Connection through creativity forms communities, which produce real innovation. Increasing communication strengthens the meaning behind community values. My research and interests are collaborating with start-ups, open-source hardware, and communities of practice.

My skills and abilities

My passions and abilities include the deconstruction and reconstruction of systems to bring exciting and refreshing designs into practice. Understanding when to burn ideas down, and reassemble old ideas in new and insightful ways, is how I create a story that engages others.


My Contributions