More about me


Who am I?

Born into a Japanese family and raised in Western Australia, my slightly confusing childhood has made me creative and culturally curious. With a background in graphic design, I combine the practices of design and cultural research to spark innovation.

What did I do?

My research looked into how designers can enhance field research practices in culture-driven innovation (CDI) consultancies.

In our growingly homogenised product world, brands are craving for a richer and deeper understanding of people. As a result, the emergence of consultancies in London specialising in cultural research has soared, creating a new ‘culture-driven’ approach to innovation.

CDI consultancies demand for a practitioner who can seek nuanced and unique insights from the field. I believe it is time we rethink the value of the designer’s intuition and personal subjectivities to seek powerful insights from field research.

My skills and abilities

To ensure my personal subjectivities don’t become overly biased, I embody an enhanced management process during field research. I embrace reflexivity, allowing the research process to constantly change and challenge my ways of thinking and doing. Let’s rethink the role of the designer’s subjectivities – when managed effectively, it is a virtue in CDI consultancies.

My Contributions