More about me




Where have I been?

I studied Civil Engineering and Industrial Design at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota. I also have a Master in Multimedia Creation from the same University. In general I’ve out and about in the hydrogeology and environmental fields. I have been working with engineering, public services institutions and management consultancies companies on design strategies. I have also worked as a freelancer in graphic and industrial designer.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I believe that being able to integrate strategies through the creative approach of MA Innovation Management introduces new dynamics and challenging new opportunities. Many companies go into innovation restricting their views to R&D and limiting their outcomes, but in this course, we learn and develop to open our senses and smartly apply our knowledge in real projects, in real life. Through conscious research leading our creative view we are able to get better solutions to really challenge the innovation field.

Where am I going?

I want to use my interdisciplinary background to push the limits of design research.