More about me

Who am I?

I am originally from Macau but after studying in the UK for several years, my life abroad has widened my view and experience of different cultural settings. With a background in business, I aim to find the balance in business, innovation, and sustainability.

What did I do?

My research looked into how the design process can be unlocked to create a sustainable supply chain in the fashion industry.

In our desire-driven market, both brands and consumers embrace the new with little concern for unsustainable practices. Hence, the severity of the environmental damage has been underestimated.

A sustainable supply chain requires designers to build mindsets on sustainability; to unlock the design process and seek sustainable practices through collaborations and innovations. The focus needs to be shifted away from corporate social responsibility and production processes. It is crucial to rethink how designers’ personal values and their perceptions of sustainability can influence the supply chain.

My skills and abilities

To ensure the use of different approaches in the research process, I constantly reflect and disrupt my fixed mindset. I embrace uncertainty, and strategically use the research process to explore all opportunities. As an Anti-Solutioner, my ability to disrupt enables a holistic perspective to encourage a sustainable supply chain.

My Contributions