More about me


Who am I?

I am a passionate industrial designer with experience in product and graphic design, and design consultancy. I graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, where I also worked as a tutor. Having also created my own start up in aligning business strategy to branding, I have extensive experience in the startup space.

What did I do?

Pursuing my strong belief in the role of design as a driver of change, my research looked into how Business Design helps organisations become more responsive, inventive and digitally adventurous. It aims to understand how organisations can (re)create new modern day businesses.

Successful organisations today finally understand the need for change and adaptation to sustain innovation and growth, using a completely different operating model. These companies are agile, lean and efficient. They are conscious of their culture, competition, customers, technology, and different forces of disruption.

My skills and abilities

As a Nouveau Flâneur, I wander through different areas to find hidden treasures and opportunities for innovation. I use rigorous research and strategic design to make unexpected connections that lead to the discovery of radical ideas, new areas and markets. I establish myself as an expert in organisational culture and service innovation.

My Contributions