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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Where have I been?

Washington D.C, Riyadh, Boston, New York and London. Fashion showrooms, auction houses, art galleries and University art centres.

Despite studying business management my focus and passions have always been in the creative industries, and fortunately enough I‘ve been given the opportunities to fuse both my strengths and passions together in each place of work. I was involved in organising art and fashion related events, which involved tasks as simple as steaming clothes and organising auction house catalogues to co-curation and showroom setups. Such work experience allowed me to meet a myriad of different people and delve into the cores of these creative institutions.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Unfortunately, prior to working in a number of creative institutions, the realisation that most  do not actually function with creativity at their core was evident. I wanted to add more of a creative side to these mainly business oriented industries. I believe Innovation Management has allowed for the understanding of how to successfully crossover both categories.

Where am I going?

Let’s see!

My Contributions