More about me


Who am I?

I am an industrial designer with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. My professional background gave me the opportunity to observe the world of experience consumption, which constantly amazes me and triggers me to discover more.

What did I do?

People do not always choose the solution that is easiest for them. There are big differences between effortless and valuable experiences. Experience Economy works. To open up new opportunities, one needs to view experiences from the perspective of process, rather than of output. My proposed framework highlights a holistic way to pursue experience-led innovation through addressing the four dimensions of experience: having, doing, being, and becoming. From this, a completely different idea can emerge – an innovation that has been overlooked, but is of high value.

My skills and abilities

As a Morphogenist, I have a fluid mindset that can flow across different environments, and an ability to see hidden opportunities through a multifaceted lens. Experience-led innovation requires multidisciplinary work, and doing multidisciplinary work does not mean just connecting two or three different fields together. It’s about creating a coherent new whole that belongs to no one.

My Contributions