More about me



Where have I been?

After finishing undergraduate course about visual communication, I joined as a creative graphic designer in the creative team newly built up by Air Paris in Shanghai. We underwent the whole process of the team making and the reconstruction of a luxury brand under L’Oreal Group. During which period, I obtained more precious experience in creation and design, spread my work range to brand strategy and project management. In 2010, I took part in the Total Design team of ARUP in Shanghai as a main graphic designer and architectural photographer.

Why MA Innovation Management?

In respect of the work experience in recent years, have had a more comprehensive understanding to the design industry. Obviously, innovation now plays a vital role for businesses to survive and grow. There is no longer one long lasting formula or product that a business could rely on for long-term survival. Successful businesses are able to keep themselves at the top because they understand that constant innovation is essential. Personally, I regard innovation as the driver of industry development while excellent management fosters outstanding originality and design.

Where am I going?

Innovation management is a broad discipline and there is no one-size-fits-all model. So it is an exciting thing to communicate with and learn from talented people from different countries and fields in the course, which helps me have a wider and more comprehensive view to the entire creative industry. Simultaneously, my ambition is to integrate and re-contextualize the skills and knowledge into specific Chinese culture and system.

My Contributions