More about me


Who am I?

I was born in Communist Romania and educated during the country’s transition to Capitalism. After receiving a BA in Human Geography, my professional journey involved eight years in the experiential marketing industry.

I experienced a 360° business perspective in both corporate top management and entrepreneurial roles, retaining as a sole constant the ability to be inspired by and to inspire change.

What did I do?

Since the Thatcher-Reagan economic era of the late 1970s, continuing with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 2000s Internet Revolution, major societal shifts encouraged the processes of human individualisation, dissolution of the community and exclusion of vulnerable individuals.

Bridging Catherine Malabou’s Brain Plasticity (a claim that human brain possesses a continuous transformative potential), with Alexander Galloway’s Protocol (a management platform responsible for openness, multiplicity of connections, and contingency in Internet’s architecture), my research explores the possibility of a resistive modus operandi in the process of accelerating community and collective consciousness forming.

My skills and abilities

Social innovations are my objectives. As an Anti-Solutioner, I stand up against the ingrained established order. I question the entire logic of a system and develop disruptive frameworks through creative blending and recombination of disparate elements and ideas.

My Contributions