More about me



Where have I been?

I am 3 years experience Interaction Designer. As manager of  ByYuto, my own design studio, I have been engaged in a diversity of projects spanning web design, mobile apps, and physical interfaces. Holding responsibilities in project development including design, coding, art direction and project Management.

Why MA Innovation Management?

ByYuto started as a small studio three years ago, At first we had a lot of creativity and motivation, but as we faced more challenging projects and large work groups, we instantly discovered that  great ideas are not enough. Creativity needs structures, frameworks and methodologies to be successful, we found the value of discipline and accuracy for ideas to become successful products.

So we started to building our own methodologies based on our previous experiences, testing them and upgrading them after each project. So that’s how I personally became passionate about Innovation Management.

Where am I going?

I work not only to innovate in every project but also to take an active role in positively influencing society. I believe that technology can improve society and lead to social change. My biggest project is to convert my business into an innovation center, provide a space to support interaction design projects and allow students, professionals, educators and investors to work together to change reality through innovative solutions.

So I hope to develop through Innovation Management the framework and the basic structure to continue building that dream and successfully accomplish all those projects following my social philosophy.

I see Innovation Management as a tool to make our dreams happen.

My Contributions