More about me


Who am I?

With a background in marketing, I came to London looking for challenges and to rethink my life goals and visions. I immediately fell in love with innovation, and its challenges and possibilities.

What did I do?

Having lived in Brazil for all my life, I witnessed the lives of billions of people who strived to simply survive. I always wanted to help the poor but felt that charity and aid made people dependent, instead of empowering them.

I started to investigate social business models. Social enterprises are gaining significant momentum in alleviating poverty, as they are led by the desire to create public benefit whilst trading in a sustainable manner. Social businesses position poor people as workers and customers, empowering them to be part of their world and equally respecting their desires as consumers.

My skills and abilities

Extreme poverty could be prevented at a moderate cost if nations, individuals and private organisations worldwide collaborated together. Being a Morphogenist, I create essential connections between these different worlds through exploitation of my social skills and networks. Having a malleable personality, I facilitate the communication between all stakeholders, creating an ideal environment for innovation to prosper.