More about me



Great Britain

Where have I been?

I have professionally developed through careers in Computer Science, Management Consulting, International Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility with FTSE100 companies and leading edge not-for-profit organisations; geographically in Asia-Pacific, America and Europe. My personal development is an on-going engagement with philosophy, meditation and culture. Where I have been has been an amazing mix of working with different kinds of corporations, passionate community groups, diverse cultures, spirituality, and inspiring visionaries.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I wanted to learn and discover how an inter-disciplinary approach of business, arts, and design can offer opportunities to guide the emergence and creativity for innovation, well-being, sustainability and social responsibility.

Where am I going?

I’ve been particularly interested in co-creation and the innovation opportunities when everyone is fired-up to actualise their potential. I want to work in the intersection of design+well-being+technology; with organisations and people who are passionate about making a difference; and develop the best of ourselves to create a better world for living.