More about me

Who am I?

Ever since I honed my textile design skills from the land that pulsates with incredible diversity – India, I was fascinated by the bigger picture of design as a process. On my quest of constant exploration, I look forward to rediscovering the joys of design and research through the lens of innovation.

What did I do?

My research offers a roadmap to innovation by ‘seeing the world with new eyes’, by understanding the unarticulated and unmet human needs through ‘Customer-Centric Empathy’.

The pace of change is now hypercritical. The value proposition has flipped, and it is now about matching customer’s needs in terms of ‘what is possible’ with ‘what is needed’.

Through my research, I opened doors beyond data driven research methods, and employ empathic design and open innovation to derive genuine empathy. As innovators of today, I believe it’s time to address the empathy deficit in businesses for breakthrough discoveries.

My skills and abilities

Embracing the uncertainties around ever-evolving customer needs, I recognise the larger role of designers in the arena of brand strategy and trend analysis. As a Nouveau Flaneur, I tend to create my own routes to human innovation, and empathy is just one small step towards it.

My Contributions