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Who am I?

My life revolves around writing, designing and hacking. Having a background in design – multimedia design in particular, and a passion for technology has driven me forward to explore what privacy really means and how it can be enhanced through technology in the future.

What did I do?

The world is inventing and adapting new technology at an incredible rate, amplifying human intelligence, abilities and senses. However, new technology also brings forward a new set of challenges.

My work explores the need for privacy combined with the possibilities of The Internet of Things. By deploying new technology in the right way, it is possible to get rid of complicated interfaces and the intrusiveness, replacing it with the magic that technology truly is.

So far my research has taken me from reading privacy legislations to participating in hackathons; from implementing security features in software startups to talking with cyborgs.

My skills and abilities

The world needs programmers and engineers who can build future technology, but also professionals who can anticipate human desires and needs, and turn them into opportunities.

That’s what innovation management means to me: having the ability to adapt and change according to the challenge, bridging different people, disciplines and mindsets to create new enchanted experiences.

What I'm Talking About

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