More about me


Who am I?

Internationally brought up in 6 different countries (the Dominican Republic, Spain, UK, Belgium, Korea and US), I understand the value of merging different ideas and perspectives. The fact that I don’t have a solely design-oriented background has helped me think more creatively and not be bound by ‘traditional’ ways of thinking.

What did I do?

My research explored how organisations can achieve a more effective deployment of talent and sustain innovation for better competitiveness. Simply flattening the organisation structure will not mobilise the full creative talents of its employees, as hierarchy still remains embedded in the ‘new’ structure. Thus, my paper takes a more holistic approach by trying to understand how power is gained, exercised or lost. I look at human nature, emergence of ‘new power’ and different power relationships within organisations. Strategically managing relationships is the key, as it is the people and their interaction with one another that structure an organisation.

My skills and abilities

Intellectually curious, I like to constantly question and challenge the status quo, which consequently helps me to identify fresh innovation opportunities. But at the same time, I’m practical enough to propose solutions at a strategic level. I’m able to manage different relationships, challenge unknowns and synthesise opportunities.

My Contributions