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Who am I?

I was born in Beijing, and grew up in Shanghai. With a background in fashion, I pursued modeling in Hongkong and Paris after graduating from Shanghai Donghua University and Japan Bunka Fashion College.

What did I do?

I explored the principles of branding through design, culture and business. My proposed brand operation system unites each department into a holistic brand community. It allows sub-departments to work complementary to each other at every stage, whilst constantly thinking about brand inspiration. More importantly, my brand philosophy uses collaboration to create a strong brand community. Through my research, I developed methodologies and experimented in the two disciplines of art and business.

My skills and abilities

Combining my experience in the fashion industry with my education in innovation management, I am able to work creatively, contextually and systematically. Creativity is my core attribute. I use design thinking to gain an insightful direction, and use strategic thinking to implement and enact change. With my ability to speak three languages, I am confident in my communication and combine this with my strong insights to voice and create change.

What I'm Talking About

#Branding #Collaboration #Creativity

My Contributions