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Where have I been?

Everything about current affairs, business and public relations have always fascinated me and intrigued me. My established knowledge of social media, my planning, organizing and interpersonal skills in addition to my enthusiasm for interacting with other people have provided me with a solid foundation in order to develop both personally and professionally. The four years of political and international relations studies, the two years of public relations for Laura Ashley Ltd working experience and my knowledge of English, Greek, French and Spanish have proved to be valuable stepping stones into corporate relations.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Education and studying for me is not a duty, but something I really enjoy doing. Therefore, I am now pursuing higher education as I believe that it will provide me with the knowledge and experience in order to succeed in the business industry. In today’s fast paced business environment innovation is supreme for success and perhaps even for survival.

Studying at CSM will benefit my future career and I look forward to the opportunity of the university to broaden my horizons and build up my skills and confidence. Working together with open-minded individuals from a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds will enable me to promote new ways of thinking. I am convinced that being part of this course is one of the best academic choices I have ever made, as it suits my interests and aspirations. A degree in Innovation Management will provide me with the challenges I am looking for, as well as the chance to explore and develop my potentials up to the fullest. After all, there is no limit to what you can learn and how much you can earn from it.

Where am I going?

After the completion of my MA degree, I will be seeking a challenging career where my acquired skills and education will get maximized to the best of my abilities. I am looking forward to taking the organization for which I will be working for to new higher levels with strong innovative decisions. Evidently, a career in brand management and public relations for the creative industry is something I could thrive on.

My Contributions