More about me


Seoul, South Korea

Where have I been?

After getting my bachelor’s degree in Clothing and Textiles at Yonsei University, I positioned myself in various streams of the fashion industry. Experiencing the fashion industry from top-down had given me opportunities to collaborate with a number of professionals from trends, textile, design, manufacturing to retail. And most recently, I have worked at a consultancy specialising in consumer insights and trends forecasting for the Korean fashion market, where I managed to develop a distinct perspective and a detailed attention to consumers.

Why MA Innovation Management?

During my career, there were those moments. The moments when I felt excited and alive. It was when the projects that I was working on pushed boundaries and broke down conventions. I really enjoyed it when such moments occurred. And those moments added up and led me here at MA Innovation Management. I believe that this course is a perfect place for me to strengthen my ability of what I enjoy most; discovering the undiscovered.

Where am I going?

Wherever or whatever it may be, I hope that it would be unprecedented. Not taking the world as it is, but as it could be!