More about me



Where have I been?

I had worked for publishing companies for ten years as a commissioning editor. I was responsible for editing textbooks and magazines in Japanese. The subjects which I had worked on were mechanical engineering, dentistry and clinical medicine.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I would like to learn the way to make use of my past experience to make an innovation globally from this course. This course is super multicultural. Multicultural values are here. The innovation in this course would not be local but global.

Where am I going?

First of all, I will be more open-minded person. When I discuss with the classmates from the different countries, I find that there is a possibility that my past experience obstruct my understanding to the different values due to the stereotype which I have. This course will definitely give me an opportunity to think in a new way and I hope I can have a bird’s-eye of view.

My Contributions