More about me



Where have I been?

After I got BA in Business in Tokyo, I worked as a project manager in Japanese investment and trading company for 7 years.

I belonged to the natural resource department and was involved in LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) project in West Australia which is a main LNG supplier to the electricity companies in Japan.

In the department, I was mainly responsible for finance and marketing of the project. In the last 3 years in the company, I was in charge of business development in Media and IT sectors in Asian countries, especially Vietnam and Taiwan. From 2009 to 2011, I was stationed in Vietnam to learn Vietnamese language and worked as researcher to set up new Media and IT business in Vietnam.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Innovation Management is totally a new subject to me. Also, it hopefully helps to broaden my horizon as a business person.

During my previous job, I felt some kind of limitation to develop innovative business in a way of existing business framework

and came to realise that it is necessary for me to acquire new knowledge and experience to develop my career as a business person.

Where am I going?

My interest is how people manage to create innovative products/services in enterprises in terms of collaboration of human resources and process of design thinking.

My ultimate goal is to contribute to revive Japanese business companies struggling with development of innovative business models.

To achieve this, I would like to gain various experiences on innovation projects and address all my energy to the challenges I will encounter.

My Contributions