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Who am I?

I am a designer with a background in product and interaction design. I have a strong sensibility towards social matters and am fascinated by the opportunity to design the interactions of the 21st century.

What did I do?

I considered the fragmentation and dissolution of community along with the disruption triggered by digital technology and how it redefines the public.My research focused on prototyping a positive relationship between citizens and public actors at a local level, with the intention of increasing social cohesion, wellbeing and efficiency. The M360 experiment carried out in the Montpellier city council (South of France) has transformed my design approach to interactions from designing:
– Directed, ultra defined interactions based on intuitive behaviours to place landmarks in order for actors to appropriate their interactions and ecosystem;
– Linear interactions towards stretching an intertwined weave between real and virtual opportunities; and
– ‘Perfect’ interactions to strategically seize opportunities.

My skills and abilities

I build my strength on a persistent dynamic between my Practivist identity and my design practice. This conversation enriches me, but beyond that, it moulds an inner plasticity.

What I'm Talking About

#Design #OpenGov #PublicPolicy

My Contributions