More about me


Who am I?

Hello. My name is Fernn but my friends call me fernnie. I love the sun, the gym and running marathons. I was previously a Head of Department for the Singapore government, driving innovation in our government policies.

What did I do?

For my research, I investigated how banks can innovate more effectively through the use of a User Centered Open Innovation (UCOI) model. The definition of banking has changed dramatically as consumer expectations are constantly raised by new consumer experiences. However, the sclerotic banks are not innovating effectively to address the unmet banking needs of the Millennials. As a result, disruptors are swooping in to capture the gargantuan gap in the Millennial market.

Banks can transform disruptions into opportunities by creating new markets for these unmet needs. Banks must relinquish their traditional mindsets and innovate together with their customers. Using a UCOI model, banks can reconnect with the Millennials, reinvent themselves and redefine what banking means holistically.

My skills and abilities

I have the ability to digest complexities, solve problems and embrace failure and risk taking. Like the Phoenix, I believe that the collapse of any system is not necessarily the end; a new life arises from the fertile ashes of destruction.

My Contributions