More about me



Where have I been?

My Background is in Design. I have been working as a professor at Universidad Católica de Chile, a prestigious university in Latin America. I always explored the relationship between Design, Innovation, Design Experience and Branding. In different projects and as a professor I became more and more interested in the importance of identity, cultural values and the importance of implementing cultural capital to improve the opportunities for communities run by the innovation.
At the university I taught Introduction to Design, a theoretical course that helps students to understand the importance of context in design, and other courses related to innovation and management such as: Vanguard and Trends, and Market Workshop II, which is the last workshop of the career, where students create their own projects and choose to work with prestigious Chilean companies such as CasaIdeas and Concha y Toro. I also taught Design History and Communication of Project.
I have worked integrally throughout different design areas, for some medium and big renowned Chilean companies such as, WAL-MART Chile, CasaIdeas, RIPLEY, CESCO, Holzapfel Bäckerei, among others. For the latter, I re-designed the brand and I also managed the business during one of its high seasons.
I have been involved in lectures, exhibitions, and in an interdisciplinary team project about the environmental impact in a natural reserve in the Southern tip of Chile which has a rich biodiversity, including whales and dolphins. To design and implement innovative ways to raise awareness of the surroundings.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I believe that this MA will empower me, and it is an opportunity to exchange ideas with students from other contexts to expand and share my vision with them, and can also help me to go deeper into the idea of connecting design with real market opportunities, understand better the importance of the context and create innovative opportunities and learning about my own and different cultural values.

Where am I going?

I think that this will enable me to bring new ideas and pass on to a new generation and educational projects, research, business management, generate creative industries, sustainable design and innovation, and as a consequence create employment chains, I believe in the importance of cultural rescue and the implementation of human capital for development projects that run from identity and connected design and innovation to a profitable opportunity and I would like to work in projects that involve these values.

My Contributions