More about me



Where have I been?

I am the typical T-shaped person with creative as well as business skills. I have been working in different creative industries, ranging from Advertising to Writing¬† as well as having designed business plans and my own start up (Eva’s kitchen). I would say that I am an hybrid, bridging between the business and creative world with curiosity for new ideas.

Why MA Innovation Management?

As seeking for innovative ideas to put into practice, I want to enhance my knowledge and gain expertise in ideation and multidisciplianry international team processes. Learning about cultural as well as design aspects of business ideas. Finding out about “what is innovation”? And: “why do so many business ideas fail?”

Where am I going?

I head towards strategy – to bear in mind the culture, business, technology as well as the market a company is embedded in. It is about developing new products, services and whole business models in a sustainable way within fast changing markets.

My Contributions