More about me



Where have I been?

When I was a undergraduate student I studied in Library and Information Science and earned the certificate of International Business Management. My career exposes me to a variety of industries, corporate cultures, and business issues, from IT industry to culture affair, from product buyer to customer service. I am able to solve issues independently while keeping a strong team spirit.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Innovation management is a vibrant field in which success may not mean following specific rules, and I am eager to face the challenge. Innovation Management discover solutions that can’t be found in past experience or proven by data. What interests me most is the cooperation across different departments or industries and the creativity that break traditional boundaries.

Where am I going?

My expectation is to become a manager who coordinates among designers and the industry, products and consumers. Further, through organized schemes, innovation is not just a fantasy, but can be translated into products or services. Whether transcending the competition or facing global issues, I would like to help company seeking strategies that create new sparkle or distinction.